Top 10+ Recommended Guest Blogging Sites

Hello to all Bloggers out there like me! When I say like me I mean, loving what I do and that is working from home, in my hours blogging.

I won’t get into the how and why I am here and doing this right now, I just wanted before anything else to share with you, my Top 10 Researched places to Guest Blog. Here they are:

Category  Dogs and dog training

Dog Blog

Submit Your Dog or Puppy Photos

How to Submit a “Dog of the Day” Photo


Interested in contributing to Mental Floss?
Please send your ideas to:

Category: Outdoor Sports, dog walking


Outbrain is an online advertiser that brings audience and content together to help people drive more engagement and revenue to their business.


Global ranking: 128

Core theme: Business, Content Marketing

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to: Outbrain Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

2. The Huffington Post

One of the leading sources for news, entertainment, personal stories, wellness, style, technology and the trendiest topics. It’s the perfect place for those writing in multiple areas.

Huffington Post

Global ranking: 152

Core theme: Politics, Business, Lifestyle, Popular Media, Entertainment

Accepts republished content: Yes

Submit to: Huffington Post Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

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A website where hundreds of Expert writers publish articles and videos for over 1,000 topics. If you’re confident about what you know, this might be a good place for you to write.

Global ranking: 430

Core theme: Everything

Accepts republished content: No. Only accepts long-term contributor, not one-off guest posts.

Submit to: About Contact Form (click on the Available Topics on the left bar to fill out form)

Guest post guidelines:


HubSpot is a sales and inbound marketing software, helping businesses and individuals increase traffic, convert leads, and attain high ROI.


Global ranking: 519

Core theme: Email, Sales & Marketing, Content marketing, SEO, Web Design, Business

Accepts republished content: No

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines:


The media source everyone goes to for digital innovation, breaking news, entertainment, technology, and resources. Where 45 million monthly visitors share the latest technological advancement.


Global ranking: 521

Core theme: Technology, Digital Culture, Entertainment

Accepts republished content: Yes

Submit to: or Mashable Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:


You’ll come across topics that focus on investing to markets, business and everything else finance-related on Investopedia, the world’s leading financial education site.


Global ranking: 803

Core theme: Finance, Business

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to: Investopedia Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:


Sitepoint is a place where all web developers connect based on their love for building things on the Internet. It’s also where you can get the best training and advice on the latest web technologies.


Global ranking: 879

Core theme: Web Design & Development, Technology, Business

Accepts republished content: Yes, occasionally accepts already-published content.

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines:


Another leading source for marketing, finance, social media, business, and leadership that’s aimed at entrepreneurs and all people passionate about the business world.


Global ranking: 1,002

Core theme: Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Social Media

Accepts republished content: No

Submit to: Dan Bova (Editorial Director) at or Entrepreneur Contact Form

Guest post guidelines: N/A


Launched in 2004, Moz builds tools that measure, monitors, and evaluates a site’s level of search engine optimization. They also dedicate their knowledge and how-to guides about marketing and social media on their blog.


Global ranking: 1,326

Core theme: SEO, Search Marketing, Search Engines

Accepts republished content: No

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines: N/A

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder brings money tips and personal finance management advice to users, with the goal of putting more money in their pockets.

The Penny Hoarder

Global ranking: 1,432

Core theme: Blogging, Money, Finance

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines:


The core of Lifehack revolves around improving all aspects of your life better, from getting things done to building a positive influence around you.


Global ranking: 2,118

Core theme: Lifestyle, Productivity

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to: Lifehack Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is an online magazine that unites all creative, thoughtful writers who want to express their stories and ideas on a wide range of topics — especially relationships and self-reflection.

Thought Catalog

Global ranking: 2,525

Core theme: Lifestyle

Accepts republished content: Yes.

Submit to: Thought Catalog Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

Guest post guidelines:

Smashing Magazine

Offering a plethora of web development and web design topics like coding, WordPress, graphics, and mobile, Smashing Magazine attracts readers and writers from all around the world — notably designers and developers.

Smashing Magazine

Global ranking: 3,411

Core theme: Web Design & Development, Technology

Accepts republished content: No. Authors get paid.

Submit to: Smashing Magazine Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:


A tight-knit community of bloggers who share their success with those who want to be “their own boss through the internet.”

Shout Me Loud

Global ranking: 3,980

Core theme: Blogging, Money

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines:

The Muse

The Muse is your main online resource for seeking “smart, inspiring job advice for every stage of your career.” They also let people meet and contact employers/companies here and join courses.

The Muse

Global ranking: 4,056

Core theme: Career

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines:

Elite Daily

Elite Daily is an online news platform that features stories and listicles from our everyday lives such as love, health, dating, entertainment and breaking news.

Elite Daily

Global ranking: 4,574

Core theme: Lifestyle, Entertainment, News

Accepts republished content: Yes. Contributing writers are expected to submit at least one article draft a week, but we are very flexible & allow our writers to submit articles a little more or less than that (if desired.)

Submit to: Elite Daily Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner teaches millions of businesses how to use the latest social media marketing strategies to drive more traffic, connect with customers, and spread exposure, and boost profits.

Social Media Examiner

Global ranking: 5,862

Core theme: Social Media, Content Marketing, Business

Accepts republished content: No

Submit to: Social Media Examiner Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration is one of the top 100 technology and how-to blogs that focuses on usage of software tools and technologies on the Internet.

Digital Inspiration

Global ranking: 6,015

Core theme: Technology, Software

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines:


Kissmetrics show statistics and data that indicates business success. It helps businesses transform visitors into loyal customers to the brand while monitoring the traffic.


Global ranking: 6,175

Core theme: Business, Marketing, Web Analytics

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to: Kissmetrics Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

Business 2 Community

A place where professionals from the business world come together to offer their thoughts to the public. Best place to teach and learn if it’s about building a business and connecting with your customers.

Business 2 Community

Global ranking: 9,055

Core theme: Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Accepts republished content: Yes.

Submit to: Business 2 Community Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:


Bplans provides solutions to some of the biggest problems startups and small businesses face. They even has a free online collection of business plans and tools to help you with business letters and any advice for a business plan/strategy.


Global ranking: 10,579

Core theme: Business, Startups, Marketing

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to: Bplans Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends bring the top news, insight, success and failures of experts who want to help small businesses survive and grow.

Small Business Trends

Global ranking: 12,802

Core theme: Business, Marketing, Entrepreneur, Technology, Finance

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to: Shawn Hessinger (Executive Editor) at or

Guest post guidelines:

Social Media Today

Social Media Today has a huge community and resources for communication, customer experience, marketing, and other digital strategies.

Social Media Today

Global ranking: 13,915

Core theme: Social Media, Marketing, Business, Digital Strategy

Accepts republished content: Yes.

Submit to:

Guest post guidelines:

Elephant Journal

A popular online journal where writers share their personal stories from living a fun and productive life to enduring a tearing heartbreak.

Elephant Journal

Global ranking: 16,874

Core theme: Lifestyle, Productivity, Self-improvement

Accepts republished content: Yes, but content needs to be 20% tweaked.

Submit to: Elephant Journal Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:


Coschedule helps marketers, bloggers, and business owners plan, create and promote their content on a simple marketing calendar.


Global ranking: 18,578

Core theme: Business, Marketing, Productivity, Social Media

Accepts republished content: No.

Submit to: CoSchedule Contact Form

Guest post guidelines:

Read write

One of the top 100 websites for entrepreneurs, Read Write gives answers to all vital questions about new technologies, industry, privacy & data issues, and all other aspects of the world’s progress.





Blog is a Passion

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The Various Posts In Your Social Media

WebHostingPad Shared Hosting starting at $1.99/month

Wolf and the bartender took 4 bottles of wine with them to the floor. Though bad people will ever do hard things, at least some can be dissuaded when presented a practical, legal option.

The curiosity is understandable, since both are within an ounce of each other, are light, have 4mm offsets and versatile. You can select and search older entries you are fascinated in, as the blog is growing.

The employee and Wolf drank the residue of the wine store. You grow further and farther from where you genuinely desire to be, as you work harder and slowly deplete your resources.


Your Passion To Address The Social Problem

Your passion in existence is supported on a compelling imagery. Your passion in existence is decided upon your imaginations in which you had when you were a child.

The other wants to run, one part of you wants to go your passions. Humans are spirited and the grieving process moves on to a factor when keeping such a site up is no longer an active part of a being.

The most challenging part of pulling out of a negative situation has everything to do with your know how. You cannot miss to perceive the likeness of the Half Life environment, but then that is groovy.


A Long Time Doing The Same Thing

Find your domain and create your site at!

The way food puts a grin on their faces and brings people together. You must know just what you must give to your faith honestly, consistently and you accept, and constantly.

The things you used to think were fun, like hanging out with the wrong people or partying, will not look like fun anymore. To make things a little harder, you can just use a bonus element once in each degree.

The actual question to be raised is not whether you should enjoy your job or not, but whether you should give your existence to work. Most of all have fun, let the word see through your eyes, and snap off.


The Web Three Days Ago

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To the place you can comprehend the sliding glass door. When there is time loves to sew, make and craft. You can see how the paint started to break in places and white is showing through.

The activity of removing the paint lasted a few hrs. The green paint was already on the table along with a little big of character and ageing. The off white coating on the side of the table lightened everything up.


Torn Edge Paper And A Calligraphy Name Card

The stamps are so attractive and can be used to make some really wonderful papers. La Comedie Italienne is ready in two different colourings with a light and colored backgrounds.

All of the items in the set are clear for masculine papers. The image is from the Especially Micey Stamp Set from Penny Black. Dasher by basic Grey and blue Bayou cs from SU is the paper.

The image was painted with copics and stamped with Memento Tuxedo black.

Your Business And Social Media Presence

One of the most essential components of small retail business listing management is working and finding with the right wholesalers to provide your enterprise with list.

Advertisers will be hounding you for the opportunity to advertize, once you have a hot blog. The more your audience will travel to connect you with it, the more you post about something in an organic way.

The content must be titled and drafted in such a way that it will represent the vision of the reading audience, for a blog to be successful.

All about the way in which the unique writing content reaches the assemblage is blog writing and the ego. Sites hosted on HostGator servers are appear to be easily hackable.

Your Passion In Life

BrightLocal Logo

A paper planner designed with your passions and personal goals in psyche is passion planner. ZURBians are always learning, wheather from a failure or a new acquisition and are determined.

Your aim is to concentrate on what will make you, and everyone around you, an improved person and remain positive. Everyone was dropped to be great and importance is in everyone not some people as popularly said.

Identify innovative ways to engage your passion to communicate the social problem, get more people enthused and aware. Some of the most enterprising, capable and energetic people are mothers.

computer, computer notebook, e-reader, writing software, blog software

Writing a Blog Daily

great photo for blogging

Posts And Pages

A page on a website is a static page. A post on a website is posted to social media and is time related news. They can look the same but be different.

Simply link up once and you are finished and choose one family. To better a comma splice, you first have to know what it is. You can uncover more about each cookie category in the sections below.

There is even a little romance thrown in for good activity. You may just use the Services for your own personal use. The first blog posts are easy to see and written for easy activity.


Your Classroom To Create Arrays With Your Students


Students can end the pages after or during reading a text. There are both white and black where you can make your own patterns, or colored ones that already have a form created for you.

One teacher with six students is a lot more manageable than one teacher with 25 students. The colorful cards can be used over and over again as a writing center and laminated.

There are 20 cards in all and would be great in a Math center. A great way to make students accountable are talking chips.

Months Or Years

AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

Blogging has the ability to give a student freedom from the 9-5 traditional form of work. Also travel the world, blogging on the latest trends and world events. Your client base will soon grow.

At the occurrence of each month students will acquire a writing calendar that contains a writing prompt for each school day. Each month comes with a writing prompt and an art.

There are 346 prompts to help with getting over writing block, which almost gives you one for each day of the yr. The employee was the same as the year before, at the most recent annual meeting.

Nobody can travel up with 3,650 good thoughts a yr. Suddenly Luke is anxious to pioneer the undertaking, and is no longer reluctant.

A Real Purpose To Write

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The magnitude of statements a blog post gets will tell you a lot. You feel an awareness of emptiness inside of you, when you like an individual, who does not enjoy what you write.

You do not have to have the content written, yet, just the message that you desire to write about. The best podcasts feel like overhearing a new, lively conversation.

You had tons of great conversation, but no one wrote anything down that you can now utilize. Multitasking may look like a rich feat, but if you are balancing two tasks that need you to handle and consider information, chances are multitasking is slowing you down.

A Writing Prompt

Shop the Organization Category at!

The purpose of your Blogs has meaning.

Each new elevator provides a novel experience and a new challenge. You will comprehend a small pop-up window in which a random prompt is displayed.

Fourteen lines and a whole four classical rhyme schemes to determine from. Pratt turned to Pendrake while flagging down a robotic waiter.

Money is a great motivator to keep you focused and on track to the Blog at hand.

Regular cafes are not sexualized places, do not take you to interact or out yourself as gay either, and do not serve alcohol. The intention of your call-to-action should be to render an approach for them to get to know you a little better.

Characters And The Style In Which You Write - Magazine Subscriptions

Setting up your blogs.

Creative writing and essays in actuality gives you a sound to convey a message or view that you would want to stock.

Every reader starts a story cold, and you desire to change the reader up to your message as speedily as viable. The argument cuts succinctly and deep, with a finely written script.

You may just start writing and see where the tale takes you, or you may wish to create your character in detail before you begin writing your story.

The message keeps sticking, probably because of the two major plot lines that are running through it. You make your character and setting outlines, and you are asked about the points of the plot.

Their Sign In Names And Passwords


A piece of content generated to your site that is not a main page on your parcel is A blog. Images found on Google Image, Flickr, Pinterest, etc are not permissible.

You are truly getting somewhere, once you have thousands of relevant, keyword, and helpful targeted blog posts out there. Files will still show as a download link, but will no longer be embedded automatically.

The page may have been separate, or the link you followed may be broken. Your new blog should fill in a new browser check.

computer, computer notebook, e-reader, writing software, blog software

What is a Blog

blog for $$

The Picture Posted On The Blog

Weekly Special

A Blog is an online diary.

There are lots of ways to go about getting the right fields on the folio. Hostile comments will just not be posted, unless there is something related and informative about them.

There is no contract, so you can cancel whenever you wish. The wind picked up making the finishing straight tougher as the day went on. In the end there was little drama to the day.

Users determined how to choose and cut it apart into something more, as with anything in Sharepoint.


Some Of The Comments

Most blogs display their content in an order of posts with the most recent at the top. On lots of blogs you can leave a comment along with a link back to your own blog.

Advertisers will be hounding you for the opportunity to announce, once you have a hot blog. No more than a few emails daily, which you can reply to/unsubscribe from directly from your inbox.

You may unsubscribe via the link found at the side of every email. You might be looking at a scary diagnosis, struggling with a wayward child, or experiencing a financial disaster.

A Great Time


You love seeing what is going on in the humans and facing front. No phones for a solid six, eight, maybe even ten or twelve hours of the day and it is been awful.

You never wake up at a consistent time in the morning, either. You managed to sleep through part of it, and went to lagoon a couple of times. You’re a busy professional with a jam-packed life, others should see that sometimes you will not be able to tell yes.

Dreaming about potential names is confident to go, once a couple starts thinking about having children.

The Menus For All Disney Restaurants


Viewers want to follow more of a better thing too. A similar mission is upheld, over at the Joe Strummer Foundation. Whether you act not or responsibly, We’ll be sure you are taken care of.

Now CutList Bridge 4 is fit for even better things to come and is even more effective and comfortable with new properties. You just follow a woman enjoy and be and are varied.

You can mix and check, or employ the 3 products from the same line.

Strictly Cutting Out Certain Foods Or Food Groups


Blogging covers all different topics:

The selection of mostly white wines with the meal was brisk. If you can find it, Low-sugar cranberry sauce is a better choice. Until the substance is smooth, blended and thick, slowly drizzle in the olive oil.

Homemade cranberry sauce made with very little sugar is surprisingly very easy to make and is the healthiest option. The all and the other cup added flour for kneading and rolling was unbleached white.

The loaf did not go as much but the texture was lighter with the coconut flour.

Several Hours Of Home Chores Every Day


The Apple App Store was merely a few months senior. Tea is not liable for lost, misdirected, or late applications.

The gifts you are giving start to appear a little more everlasting, as you inch ever closer to your tenth anniversary. The organization is so bright and the treats are so beautiful that it is bound to make you smile.

A lovely young woman and really an idea are you. We’ll have many more feasts together and perhaps even weddings.

Web Design And Digital Marketing

A small blog on website design:

Your purchase transaction information is stored only as long as is essential to end your purchase transaction. You’re still working off the same great Cloud hosting platform, just with a new name.

NetApp acquired SolidFire in 2016 as much as a cloud platform as to change a demand for all-flash storage. Internet-connected VIZIO SmartCast displays automatically transfer to the demo, and search for the new firmware when available.

You can easily earn know how Points by contributing to the assemblage. The most common problem when activate Jetpack and attempting to link is that persons are unable to login.

computer, computer notebook, e-reader, writing software, blog software

Blog to Earn an Income


Many Ways You Can Make A Blogging Income

Brands are really thrilled to work with bloggers to have their services and products in the signifier of sponsored posts. To be inspired and actuated in your home office, you require a space to name your own.

You just have to have a program in place and the strength to force it off. Especially if you do not know where to look at or where to begin, Brainstorming blog post ideas can be a bit challenging at times.

Blogging can be a great way to earn an income from residence and share the things you like.

Sponsored posts are essentially advertisements, but are crafted in a natural way that is much more telling than online advertisings and standard print.


Visitors Who Are Not Making Affiliate Income

One of the most compelling reasons for your enterprise to sell online is to supplement your advertising and selling dollars. CTR is what you will concentrate on most to perceive how well your email marketing is working, once you learn how to create an email list.

Ads work similarly to affiliate marketing, but tend to be a little less private. A technique you can use from day one to begin building a paid blog is affiliate marketing.

There may be a little promoting to do to keep your chosen program active and out there or updating. In a similar way to how online affiliate marketing can supply you with residual income, so can a few direct selling companies.

The Income You Make


You do not desire to use your time pinning to boards that are not going to help take in new traffic to your blog. You desire to take the time to study out the board before asking to join and be picky.

As if the content would still be there even if it was not sponsored to be, Sponsored content is expected to be cohesive with the webpage. Your first big goal is to get traffic, when you commence a blog.

The additional income can help afford a mode of reasonable luxury without having to live paycheck-to-paycheck. A blog is a clean way to take in a side income, and with some persistence, you can be making more money than you ever dreamed.

An Opportunity To Make Money At Home


One mode to earn additional money is to just start the hunt for a job that pays more. Whether you are trying to make a part-time income or a regular income then check out how you can make some extra cash.

One of the fastest ways and easiest ways to earn additional money is to exchange your matter. You can earn for taking surveys, searching, watching videos, and more.

Five ways to earn more money online without getting conned. Offers and surveys seem to be the first way to earn money fast with Prize Rebel.

The Buyer To Make Payments Over Time


There is no set amount of money you can make from your blog nor is there an assurance that you will make a specific amount in a certain time frame.

An excellent source of earning money, unless you just desire to keep it as a private diary that is is A blog. You must mix things up a little, go around and get out.

You’re going to be a little puppy in a big kennel, experiencing everything for the initial time. You planned for the future and, sure enough, you put together a nice comfortable retirement package.

Not until you take a closer look, that you see the fact, and fall down.

Credit Card And Student Loan Debt

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The interest rate on variable rate loans is usually tied to a particular index such as a first rate. Lenders use an index, like the first rate, to find to what degree to increase or lower interest charges.

One where the interest rate is the same throughout the total life of that debt is A fixed rate loan. Some lenders require you to pay fees throughout the being of the debt, in addition to upfront closing costs.

You can opt for a smaller loan amount or decide the highest qualifying loan amount. A person who legally commits to being accountable for the debt if you are unable to return it is A cosigner.

computer, computer notebook, e-reader, writing software, blog software

Blogging Online

world wide web

The Social Media And Content Marketing Activities

Dropship Inventory Source

The social media and content marketing activities of lots of companies in world are restricted to driving conversions and interactions via blogs and the social platforms connected with them.

The easiest way to manage and utilize social media is with a thought that starts out with an end. A dynamic website which incorporates a blog forms the foundation of all social media selling.

Your blog can be used to change your audience across social levels and can be necessary for your content marketing strategy. Your blog students and social media followers are drowning in content.

Hashtags can help more people find your content on social media.


Two Popular Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Niche blogging has been one of the most popular form of blog that helps lots of souls and different businesses to make a successful marketing for their unique services and products.

You’ll have a complete roadmap showing you how to begin a thriving blog. You have to take the way of internet marketing to monetize your online business and further your products, as an e-entrepreneur.

To be credible and begin a paid blog, you must buy hosting from a credible company. Affiliate marketing have gained so highly quality in internet marketing that every third person wants to enter in affiliate selling.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make an ebook is to create one on a theme you know about.

The Traffic To A Blog Post

Put back in what the camera took out with PicMonkey's intuitive touch up tools

You do not need to be an individual in a content to be able to pen a quality post. Alt-Tags help in ranking a page, simple as that, if you do not know.

You will have a great list post that could do you wonders, after you move the preceding steps. You can utilise the tools mentioned to encounter the right keywords for your position and do keyword research.

The end of keyword research is to hone your position for that construction, and encounter the top words that you have a great chance of ranking for.

You should have a much better understanding of keywords and their essential for SEO.

A March Of Ten Minutes

Graphic design templates sized just for social. Take PicMonkey's ad-vice.

You’re going to be doing a lot of writing now that you are a blogger. A great way to be self-employed when you have got a power that different businesses require is freelancing.

The current project by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and blogger has come a long way in less than 2 years. You’re getting a few hits each month but you want it to become more.

Anyone can tour a note and blog on what the blogger is saying. You will learn to reflect your brightest, from blog posts to e-courses.

Online Business Growth Through Email Marketing


A terrible house in a neat neighborhood is virtually always a better investment than a great house in a poor neighborhood. You need customers to endure, when you have a business.

Especially if you have no pluses or cash to mouth of, Funding a business can be extremely difficult. You obtain exposure to a full new market you might have otherwise missed, when you find new approaches to reach customers.

When you desire to expend in the real estate market appropriately, just buying any old property is not a great thought. We’ll help you explore and find a home business idea, set up your home office, market effectively, and more.

Unlimited Or Domain And Host Site

Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more

You will be getting the most of the properties you can anticipate when hosting a domain on your own hosting.

Your domain is what you will share all over the object and the better your domain, the more you will stand out. Your site will ever be available, secure, and automatically backed up.

You can easily drop and drag widgets to add, remove, or alter the bidding. You should think your choice on the first server plans, when you require a fast hosting. You can move your account to a dedicated or VPS server in just a chink.

computer, computer notebook, e-reader, writing software, blog software
woman to woman blog ecover