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How To Start a Profit Generating Blog


To start making money online with any kind of online business, you need to have a presence on the Internet.  It is not easy for all of us to build a website from scratch and it can also cost a lot of money. 

The easiest and fastest way to start building an online presence is with a Blog,

What is a Blog?

A blog can be compared to an online journal where you can write content in the form of posts or articles on a regular basis.  The blog in itself becomes a website and is visited by visitors who are interested in the same subject which you are writing about (niche).


How to start a blog

These days it is really easy to start a blog and make money from blogging.  If you want to build a quick and easy blog, you can use blogging templates on WordPress, Blogspot and Squidoo. 

These templates are liked by the search engines and it is really easy to set up a blog with the help of these sites.  They take you through the setup process step by step and you can create a unique online presence in no time and start making money from blogging within days.

Blogs and more

Stick to your niche

When setting up your blog, you need to choose a niche (subject) and stick to it.  For example, if you are interested in writing about green living, this will be your niche.  You can write about green living programs, share ideas, report on issues, etc.

You can add affiliate programs in this niche to your blog, sell advertising space from other green living businesses or write ebooks and reports yourself.

Market your blog

The next step you need to take to start making money from blogging is to market your blog to attract visitors to your blog.  To get your blog noticed on the web and start making money from your blog, you can guest post on other similar blogs, post on forums, write articles and post on article directories and use Google Adsense. 

All of this will add backlinks and bring visitors to your blog.  As the visitor numbers increase, visitors may click on the affiliate programs or buy the e-books that you sell online.

Making money

As indicated above, you can subscribe to affiliate programs and add the affiliate’s ads to your blog.  Use Clickbank to search for affiliate programs in your niche and ad the ads to your blog. 

To make money from your blog, your visitors will click on the links in your blog and you will get paid by the affiliate.

You can also write your own ebooks about your niche and sell it on your blog to make money.


Google AdSense ads can be added to your blog to generate you money from your blog also.

As an alternative you can sell advertising space to other similar blogs or green businesses on your blogspot, which will make you even more money from your blog,

Most of these programs are free to join and set up and just take a little time to get to know and use, but you can soon start making money from your blog with the above programs.

Making money from your blog these days is easy and fast with the help of the online resources discussed above and a money making blog is within reach of anyone who will spend a little time and effort setting up the programs and using the resources discussed in this article.

Woman To Woman Blog: How To Start a Profit Generating Blog hopes that you’ve found this article interesting and informative.

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