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Become a Paid Blogger

One of the most casual and easiest styles of writing out there on the web happens to be blogging. You can blog about just about anything.

From your hobby to a theme you know a lot about, your blogging can build up quite an audience, and you can begin to build up a nice paycheck, as well in some cases. You’ll also find that there are sites that will pay you for posting and you can get bonuses and more.

Wondering how you can become a paid blogger? Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you out.


There are actually a variety of ways that you can become a paid blogger. One way that you can get paid for blogging is to start up your own blog and then monetize it.

While it will take a bit of work and time, you can start up a blog fairly easily, and you can do it on just about any topic that you are really interested in.

Of course, you will want to make sure that there are plenty of people looking for the information that you will provide.

The only thing about blogging for yourself is that it does take a longer time to get it all started. You’ll spend time figuring out your niche, your topic, and getting your posts build up on the blog.

Then you will have to send traffic to the blog to make some money. While in the end it can be very lucrative, it is not always the fastest way to make money by blogging.


One of the other options you have if you want to become a paid blogger is to blog on blogging sites that pay.

There are a variety of blogging websites out there that pay per post and many of them will add in pay for revenue that your blog makes as well. WinMoneyToPayOffDebt

While you still have to focus on building up some traffic, it is often much easier to start making money fast on these sites, since the sites are established and they are willing to pay you up front for your posts.


You can also blog for companies, which is a great paying job in many situations. Many companies and established blogs are willing to pay $10 per post to $50 per post, which is usually for 250 to 500 words. blogging banner

This is great money, and you begin to make money right away, which makes it a great way to start getting paid to blog.

Niche Blogging For Women Who Want to Earn Money at Home

Notice the title of this article doesn’t say Niche blogging for people who want to earn money from home?

I’m targeting this blog to women because I’ve been blogging for awhile and I have seen very little information about blogging that’s geared specifically toward women. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of blogs BY women and plenty of blogs FOR women.

But I don’t think I’ve seen a blog yet that tells women how to blog.


And there are plenty of women out there trying to blog, they just haven’t got a clue where to begin. They’ve been stay-at-home-moms or and haven’t had the time or opportunity to learn what a blog is or how they can benefit from it.

They’ve also not had the opportunity to learn how to navigate the system – how to decide on a niche topic, how to get a domain or web hosting. They may not even know what a Domain Name or Web Hosting are!


Some of these women know they could make money on the internet but they’ve been so busy caring for their homes and families, maybe even working full time jobs, too, that there is no way they’d ever be able to scratch out even more time for a niche blogging business.


And creating a successful niche blogging business takes time, even when you know what you’re doing.

If you have no clue about the terminology and technical aspects of setting up and running a blog, you could be days or weeks away from ever being able to publish your first post.


Everything I’ve seen assumes that I already know what WordPress is and what a post is and the definition of Affiliate. But not everyone does. What about the woman out there who’s only daily communication is with her 5 year old?

Do you think they sit around and talk about “Search Engine Optimization” and “Granular Posts”?


So, I’ve started this blog for all the women out there who know they could make money blogging if they could only figure out how to get started. I’ll explain in Girl Language what each and every step is.

Not that we’re not intelligent enough to understand those big words mind you. But if you’ve never been exposed to them, some of those terms can be quite intimidating. When they’re really not that scary at all!

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Along the way I’ll discuss some issues relating to women and blogging. Issues like:


* Time Management – How do you find the time to blog when the laundry room is overflowing?

* Blog Appeal – How to make your blog look it’s best when the only thing available is a pair of men’s overalls!

* Blog Attitude – You know yours is the best. Now flaunt it, baby!


Onward and upward!Info graphic


Written by Beamer. Visit her blog, dedicated to helping beginning women bloggers at [http://Paid2Blogg.com].

Woman To Woman Blog: Become a Paid Blogger hopes that you’ve found this article informative and that you continue on with blogging.





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